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For Sergio Tamassia art is a process to live closer to the mystery of life. He received a master diploma in art from the Institudito Statale D’Arte da Firenze in 1965. After he taught technical art at the Piccola Accademia di Pittura di Firenze, he travelled to New York, where he lived for one year, in 1970. His art was significantly influenced by his friendships with artists such as Joel Fischer, Mario Merz, and Louise Nevelson, and by the “Happening”-the contemporary art scene in New York. During this period, he he started to experiment in performance and expressive art. As a result of this rich experience, his approach to making art was forever altered. Sergio has used his classical training in more traditional mediums, such as restoring the frescos and the walls of the church Campobello di Mazzara in Sicily in the late 1970’s. This classical training also is the foundation from which he has and continues to experiment in different forms of art as he expands his range and style of painting, drawing, photography, and making other forms of art. Sergio enters the process of creating his paintings with complete freedom; he has no expectation as to what will be the final product.

In addition to stretching his own artist expression, for over 30 years, Sergio has created collective art experiences. He teaches and organizes art experiences in collaboration with public schools and municipalities in the local region, Florence, and Germany. For 20 years, he taught courses in art for Pandora, a private associate of art and culture, and he continues to teach small art groups and individuals. His pedagogy combines painting, drawing, and performance art. He believes that art is an instrument to help people understand themselves and to express themselves to others.

Since 1978 he has lived in Sorano, Italy, where he continues to make art and also teaches art in a variety of forums. He has had both individual and group exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria, and Canada.

Sergio Tamassia
Loc. Poggiolo - 58010 Elmo di Sorano (Grosseto) tel. 0564 633201 e-mail: sertama@gmail.com